Balloon Navigator Releases

2024.07.02 (a559ae1)

  • Fixed import/export bugs on iPad

2024.06.14 (a063b6c)

  • Improved displaying circles on the map:
    • Center of circle is marked with crosshair, just like Points
    • Radius is shown for every circle

2024.06.06 (267dea5)

  • Added experimental Live Tracking (see docs)
  • Improved visuals on data panels, selected waypoints and footer: more colors, better contrast, bigger buttons, bigger font on values and changed how some values are displayed
  • Windreader now shows speed in km/h
  • Fix to waypoint altitude being entered in feet, but displayed in meters
  • Data panels are pushed to right side on mobile
  • Changed sidebar manual open button icon and added popover tooltip

2024.05.20 (7562a7b)

  • Updating short UTM coords now replaces last digit of full UTM coords with zero
  • Fixed coordinate values not updating properly on changes when creating new waypoint
  • Bug fixes to Balloon Live Sensor data parsing

2024.05.19 (75dbffa)

  • Added support for mobile phones
    • Fixed overlapping UI elements and incorrect positioning
    • On phones in portrait mode (tall and narrow screen), selected waypoints are moved from right sidebar to lower third of the screen
    • (some menus are still not yet optimized for mobile)

2024.05.14 (44d4129)

  • Added user accounts and automatic sync of waypoints and tracks between logged in devices
  • Fixes to interface: footer with GPS button is visible when left sidebar is expanded
  • Various bug fixes