Balloon Navigator

Modern navigation app for hot air balloon pilots

Balloon Navigator improves your navigation experience flying in fiestas and competitions. It's easy to use with clean interface, snappy controls and built in helpers like Windreader and Drop Calculator.

Intuitive controls

Instead of clicking on tiny buttons, zoom, pinch and pan around with laptop trackpad. Use your touchscreen. Become ultra fast with easy to remember keyboard shortcuts and focus on flying.

High quality vector maps

Done are the days of outdated, low quality scanned paper maps. Zoom in as close as you want without quality loss on maps spanning hundreds of kilometers.

Custom, toned down map design stays in background, keeping your view clear on what’s important. More data like power lines (in red) gives you full awareness of your surroundings.

Fly 100% offline

No account and internet connection required.

Download built-in maps with one click for offline use.

Import your waypoints and tracks

One-click import from GPX or OziExplorer - bring your data in no time.

Import Ozi

Extensive documentation

Easy to learn, easy to reference. Every feature explained in detail.

Connect your GPS

Support for internal and USB GPS - fly with competition logger, your own receiver or use internal GPS on tablet.

Works everywhere

Web app you can run on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and iPadOS.


Track wind direction and speed at every altitude you’ve been and on what altitude is the wind you need to reach current task.

Drop calculator

Drop marker precisely at the time it will give you the best result, based on your altitude, speed, and target elevation.

User accounts

Create an optional account to backup your waypoints & tracks online, and sync them between multiple devices

Balloon Navigator is completely free and does not require an account. Just open the app and use it!