Balloon Navigator alpha

Modern navigation app for hot air balloon pilots

Works on every system

You only need internet browser

100% offline

Either in browser or as separate app

Intuitive controls

Zoom, pinch and pan around with laptop trackpad

Supports mobile touch control

Keyboard shortcuts help you focus on flying

Supports internal and USB GPS

Fly with competition logger or your own receiver

or use internal GPS on tablet

High quality vector maps

Up to date data from OpenStreetMap

Zoom in as close as you want without quality loss

Multiple countries available to download for offline use [coming soon]

Import OziExplorer waypoints and tracks

Easy migration from Ozi

Directly import competition PZs and CPs


Track wind direction and speed at every altitude you've been

Track on what altitude is the wind you need to reach current task

Designed to reduce pilot's workload

Track two tasks at the same time

Interface optimised for fast manipulation

Upcoming features:

Fly as a team

  • See other balloons on the map in real-time and follow their track
  • Combine your windreader with others to always have most recent data for every altitude
  • Stay in touch with ground crew

  • Always see each other on the map
  • Ground crew can modify pilot's map directly to reduce their workload in the air
  • After flight report

  • Analyse your flight second by second
  • 3D view of your flight with tasks visualisation
  • Automated print out of task results
  • Sync your GPS

  • One-click import/export data to your connected GPS